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Origianlly published by Paulist Press as part of the Jung and Spirituality Series Transforming Body and Soul was a monthly selection of the Spiritual Book Associates.  Fisher King Press has published a Revised Edition that is now available  at Fisher King PressThe Revised Edition includes an Index, Larger pages, Larger font and a Foreword and Afterword by the author. The Revised Edition of Transforming Body & Soul is also now live on Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Google eBooks, and on the apple iBookstore.
From the Back Cover
With all the scholarly attention given to the Scriptures in the Christian community, it is remarkable how little study has been done of the Gospel healing stories. These stories embody and
reflect powerful interpersonal dynamics, which are being rediscovered today in the practice of psychotherapy. As a healer, Jesus forms a bridge between the most ancient of healers, the shamans,
and recent developments in psychosomatic medicine and depth psychology. Body and soul are intimately connected-health in one is often reflected in wholeness in the other.
Blending the insights of Biblical scholarship with those of modern psychology, Galipeau examines each of the Gospel healing stories in depth. Transforming Body and Soul is a valuable resource for psychotherapists and counselors as well as clergy and pastoral
ministers. Anyone seeking health and wholeness of body and spirit will find this a rewarding, challenging and therapeutic book.
Transforming Body & Soul is a Significant contribution to Jungian psychology and to the relationship between psychological and spiritual development.
A Selection can be found on the Publishers Website:
Healing Today by Steven A. Galipeau
Modern medicine comes down to us from Galen and Hippocrates, Greek physicians who were part of the ancient cult of Asklepios, the god of healing. According to myth, Asklepios, the son of Apollo, learned the healing arts from the centaur Chiron. He learned easily and became more skilled than his mentor, even succeeding in raising the dead. But this stirred the wrath of Hades, who complained to Zeus about the encroachment on his domain. Zeus responded by killing Asklepios. But after death Asklepios was given a place among the gods, from which, it was said, he affected even greater cures than before. Read More 
From the Back Cover of the First Edition:
"Beginning from the premise that Jesus' healing powers came because he had a much deeper spiritual and psychological consciousness than other religious leaders, Steven Galipeau plums the depths of the Gospel's healing stories in an exciting and thought provoking manner. As a Jungian analyst Galipeau searches for the meaning of the healing powers of Jesus.  He is  not afraid to take on the most difficult issues, and always throws light upon them."
John A. Sanford, Author of The Kingdom Within and numerous other books.
Author's Reflections
Transforming Body and Soul emerged out of my efforts to find a resolution of the best of psychology and religion.  While Jungian psychology explored numerous ancient modes of healing and their relevance for modern times, no one had addressed the healing stories in the Gospels.  Similarly, when I studied for my Masters of Divinity no mention was made of this aspect of the Gospels.  Clearly the healing of individuals was a key component of the work of Jesus; each Gospel is full of such stories.  Yet the community demands of parish work left little time for individual care of parishioners.  Each week I set aside time to develop a commentary on all of these stories, a process that began while working towards my M.Div.  The healings in the Gospel are not "miracles" or "magic."  They are psychological in the deepest sense, depicting the process by which an individual soul is transformed.
Transforming Body and Soul is currently available through Fisher King Press.  The Revised Edition of Transforming Body & Soul is also now live on Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Googe eBooks, and the Apple iBookstore.