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Steven Galipeau

Jungian Analyst -- Author -- Lecturer

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         Yes, through the processes of analysis  and  psychotherapy you can get help with feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and the vicissitudes of life that at some point or other affect most people's lives! You don't have to carry them alone.  In my practice I have had great success helping others understand where such feelings and personal difficulties might come from, why they surface at this point in their lives, and how these symptoms might be better managed and understood.  Very often people discover that their symptoms are an attempt of their psyche to bring greater awareness to old neglected issues, or to stir creative energies that have been ignored or forgotten.

         My approach is "client-centered," and moves with the presenting issues of each person to explore current difficulties, past history, and internal experiences such as dreams, significant fantasies and repetitive behaviors. Imaginative elements of the psyche such as dreams and sand play may be included to help open up one's authentic self. Exploring these elements of an individual's life helps create new directions, makes new choices possible and enhances self-awareness.      

Jungian Analysis, Psychotherapy and Supervision
Over the years I have had good success working with people on relationship issues and emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression. My work includes helping others achieve deeper levels of self-understanding, and I have worked with many creative and sensitive people from a great variety of professions including physicians, clergy, therapists, writers, actors, and  many from other walks of life, as well as  children and young adults finding their place in the world.
You can read more general information by clicking the About Me page, and some of the specific areas of work that I have helped individuals and couples address over the years by clicking the Areas of Treatment pageFees and other general information can be found at the Professional Policies page. Click on Clinical Supervision if you are a clinician interested in supervision.  This page includes two articles I've written on the practice of psychotherapy and analysis.
Teaching and Lecturing
For more information about one of my other passions see the page Teaching and Lecturing for public and professional lectures I have given previously and might be offering in the future. 
 Coldwater Counseling Center
Since 1983 I have served as the Executive Director of Coldwater Counseling Center in Studio City,California, and President of the Board of Directors since 1994.  The Counseling Center offers depth psychotherapy on a sliding scale basis.  Further information can be found by visiting the Coldwater Counseling Center website.   Articles I have written for the Center's newsletter on "The Symbolic Life" can  be found on the Symbolic Life Archives Page of this website.
Contact Information:
Steven Galipeau, M.A., M.Div.
(818) 222-4700
20301 Ventura Blvd
Suite 214
Woodland Hills, CA, 91364


General Information


M.A. Counseling Psychology, University of Notre Dame (1972)


M.Div., The Church Divinity School of the Paciifc, Berkeley,California (1977)
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (1975)
Certified Jungian Analyst (1993)
Author of:
The Journey of Luke Skywalker: An Analysis of Modern Myth and Symbol (2001)(See the Journey of Luke Skywalker page for more information.)
Transforming Body and Soul: Therapeutic Wisdom in the Gospel Healing Stories  A  Revised edition was published by Fisher King Press in 2011. (See the Transforming Body & Soul page for further information.)
The Clinical Supervision and Jung's Typology pages of this website include some of the reviews and journal articles I have written.  The later includes a link to the article "The Red Book and Jung's Typology."
Psychological Perspectives, a journal of Jungian thought,  published my article, The Wolf: An Ecological Case Study in 2015The article is now available at the Taylor and Francis Website .This article expands material I presented in my article  "Dancing with Wolves,"published in 2013 by the Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche.  
        Also in 2013  Psychological Perspectives  published my article "Jung, the Wilderness, and the Call of the Wild." I give an overview of my interest in our relationship to the natural world in the About Me Page of this website.